Grafos S.A. Arte sobre papel desde 1934
Viernes 19 de Julio de 2024 09:29:04
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Grafos S.A. Art sobre paper is a graphic arts company founded in 1934 with a current payroll of 200 workers. Always at the forefront of innovation, it was the first company in Spain to use the offset system for printing books, and was also the first to print colour on stucco paper.

In 1989 it built a new 7,500 m. plant in the Zona Franca, extended to 12,500 m. in 2000. At the present time (2007), another new plant is being set up with 7,000 m. to house the new black rotating division and the container division.

Throughout these almost 75 years, Grafos has received many awards for the quality of its work. Since 1998 it has been ISO 9002 certified and is currently immersed in programmes of continuous improvement.